KU's Student Business Accelerator


All candidates must have the following:

  1. An existing business plan
  2. Customer validation of concept
  3. Demonstration of commitment
    • Evidence of passion and tenacity
    • Dedicated team
    • Financial investment (personal capital contribution)

The KU Center for Entrepreneurship can assist you in meeting the above criteria.


Expected Performance

To maintain standing, participating ventures must demonstrate consistent milestone achievements defined as:

Phase 1: Development

  • Upgrade existing business plan to Lean LaunchPad Plan format
  • Prepare full financial model and ROI analysis
  • Produce prototype
  • Secure IP (provisional patent)
  • Develop investor presentation

Phase 2: Validation

  • Market testing - small scale production for proof of concept
  • Estimate valuation
  • Secure seed funding
  • Acquire real customers --> launch

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